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Dealing With Fears: Do It Anyway

Dealing With Fears: Do It Anyway
by Starcat

fd140716acadia1What’s holding you back from transforming your life into one where you absolutely adore getting up in the morning and doing your thing?

Is it fear?

Fear, along with its cousins anxiety, caution, and timidity, can hold us back from doing what we’re truly called to do. We’re scared of failure, of ridicule, of change, of taking a risk. Being scared is a natural thing, common to all of us – but letting it stop you isn’t necessary.

Lately I’ve been hanging out with some amazing successful women entrepreneurs. One of the things that I was surprised to hear is that, even though they are living their dreams, or well on the way, they still get scared. Regularly.

The thing that they do differently is that they acknowledge their fears, and then move forward despite them.

It reminds me of a song I love, written by a relatively obscure band from New York, Ceili Rain. I’m not sure where I first heard it, but the song, called “Do It Anyway,” speaks to letting the heartfelt urge to act be stronger than the fears that arise. You can listen to it on YouTube

“You’re scared that that next peak is too high for you to climb
Do it anyway
Afraid that they will laugh if you start to cry
Do it anyway

“You’re scared to tell the world what you’re doin’ here
Do it anyway
You’re scared to say ‘I love you’ right in my ear
Do it anyway, do it anyway, do it anyway”

– Ceili Rain

The courage to pursue your dreams doesn’t mean that one day you’ll wake up and no longer be afraid. It simply means that you go for your dreams despite your fears.

If you’re overwhelmed by that big mountain in front of you, break your dream or goal down into smaller chunks. Keep breaking them down until you get to the point where there is something you can accomplish in less than an hour. Then get started, no matter how scary it might seem. Make that phone call, do the research, sit in front of the blank page or canvas and begin.

A really helpful trick shared by productivity guru Darren Hardy is to do the hardest task of your day first thing in the morning. Whatever scares you the most, or tempts you to procrastinate by surfing Facebook or cleaning the bathroom, start there. Feel your fear, release it with a few deep breaths, and do that scary or challenging thing.

Chances are you’ll discover that it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. Even if it is, you’ve done it! Now you have that feeling of grand accomplishment, and you can get on with the rest of your day. You’ll be even more productive, because now you’re empowered by your success, and the other tasks on your list are easier than that.

The secret that no one talks about is that we all feel fear. Everyone does. You’re not alone.

The way that successful people (and by successful, I mean people who are happy and fulfilled because they are following their heart’s callings) do what they do is by not letting fear stop them.  They don’t stuff their fears down, either. They openly acknowledge them.

Then they do it anyway.

This doesn’t require superpowers, or arcane knowledge. These are regular people, like you and I. They just made the decision not to let their fears hold them back. They listened to their heart’s deepest desires, and realized they had to follow that call. They are still scared, but they decided to do it anyway.

You can, too.

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Transformation When the Veil is Thinnest

Aine enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Aine enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Transformation When the Veil is Thinnest
By BlackLion

As you integrate all you learned from your adventures during the summer and early autumn, and when the veil between the worlds is thin this time of year, transformation is imminent. Whether you go kicking and screaming or you allow whatever may come into your life, know that each new moment is a boon rather than a bust, despite the challenges you may face.

The great thing about humanity is our adaptability. We live in such diverse cultures, traditions and personal truths that no matter what the universe offers, humans will find a way. When you tap into this ever-growing momentum, you can’t help but stretch your comfort zone and expand into new frontiers.

You’ve perfectly set yourself up to be the magnificent you, right here and now, if you will just let go of all your restrictions and become your true self (as if you couldn’t!). The current of good tidings is constantly at your whim. Though it may not be instantaneous transformation, each step toward your goals, desires, and intentions is one more avenue for the universe to pour bounty into your life.

Living a joy-filled path is a genuine way of being. You may not have learned the techniques of affirmations, meditation, or vision boards, yet each of these are tools and rituals you can add to your own personal living practice. If you do not have a main focus, or have several different ones, tap into your center and figure out which one is next for your divine focus.

From moment to moment, however long each one lasts, you get to decide when, how much, and with whom, you share your unique perspective and experience. You get to decide where your life is heading and which forms of transformation you most want to accomplish in this lifetime. Only you can truly know your right path when you stay aligned to your Source.

With the assistance of your spirit guides, ancestors, and those who have never crossed, you are ripe for becoming the prime, Grade-A you. At mid-autumn, the world is changing toward slumber. The leaves are falling and the memories of the heights of summer remain just that, memories to utilize for further growth.

When you lift yourself up from wherever you may have fallen along the way, your spiritual cheering squad will offer insights and support however you choose to transform. During this season, thank your ancestors, whether by blood or association, and be gracious to your guides just across the thin veil.

Blessed Be!

10/21/15 4:20pm

Yes, You Really Do Have Time for Spiritual Practice

es3Yes, You Really Do Have Time for Spiritual Practice
by Starcat

A wave of laughter rippled around the room, Moms and Dads of young children meeting one another’s eyes with understanding and humor.

BlackLion and I were giving a workshop at the Life Without Instructions unschooling conference on how to use the Law of Attraction, and one of the things we advocate is regular practice. I hadn’t intended to be funny. I was talking about the power of visualization, and how it could be done in just a few minutes each day.

“You can visualize when you get a few moments alone, like in the shower,” I said, causing several members of the group to crack up.

My kids are teens, so it’s been a long time since not having a moment of peace, even in the bathroom, was my reality.

The laughter of these parents, some with babies on their laps or toddlers playing at their feet during the workshop, brought me back to those days. I empathized. All the same, spirituality is one of my main passions, and I’ve been doing daily spiritual practice since my oldest child was one year old.

So how did I do it?

Here are some ideas for including regular spiritual practice in your daily life, even if you have little ones – or elderly parents to care for, a job that eats up most of your time, or an on-the-go lifestyle.

Muse while you move. When my kids were little, I lamented to an acquaintance that I wished I had more time for meditation. His immediate advice was to meditate while I drive. What?! He clarified that he didn’t mean zoning out, but rather cultivating a mindful awareness during my commute. I live in rural Maine, where everything is at least a half-hour away by car, and there isn’t much public transportation. So a driving meditation worked for me. You might take a bus or train to work, or walk your dog in the morning. When you’re on the move, let yourself focus on the present moment. Allow your thoughts to drift by without attachment, and bring yourself back to the here and now. It will help you get connected, and might even make you a better driver.

Do some coloring. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. I’ve been seeing articles touting coloring as “the next best thing to meditation.” Let’s go with that. Kids enjoy coloring, right? Set everyone up at the kitchen table and color together. Practice letting the kids’ happy chatter be part of your zen focus. Go deep into swirls and lines, colors and patterns.

Meditate with dirty dishes. Dirty dishes are a constant in every household. Why not make them an everyday part of connecting with yourself and the Universe? I used to do dishes with some measure of resentment, until I realized I didn’t have to approach them that way. You can take the time at the sink to feel the warm water on your hands, daydream, sing, or repeat affirmations to yourself. Start by acknowledging it as a task that is never truly done. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Explore the wilds of your inner self as you wash. You can enjoy a delightful respite from your day, while at the same time accomplishing a necessary chore for your household. Sounds like a win-win.

Play more. What’s one of the things our kids want most from us? Our attention. If kids are keeping you from taking time for spiritual connection, say yes to them. Play with them. Playing opens us up to our inner childlike wonder, and that in turn connects us directly with our inner self. Imagination games are the best. Be the princess or the superhero. Run around the yard. Let your wild inner child get muddy and spent with laughter. If you don’t have young kids of your own, borrow a niece, nephew, or a friend’s child for a weekend afternoon. Experience the power of playfulness!

Ditch the TV and dial down Netflix. There’s no doubt that you’re super busy. Yet when the chores are done (or as done as they’re gonna get), the kids are asleep, and you have an hour or two before you crash, what do you do? Watching TV or Netflix is fun, but how much of it do you really need? Is there something else you could do to relax that would serve you better? Put on some instrumental music and sketch in your journal. Make lists of things you’re thankful for. Write a poem or outline a story. Grab that coloring book and some crayons. Maybe just once or twice a week, give yourself some real “me time,” rather than vegging out in front of a screen.

Make errands an escape. When my kids were little, sometimes a trip to the grocery store, all by myself, was a huge luxury. I would wander the aisles, checking off items on my list, but at the same time I was daydreaming. It might seem like the opposite of mindfulness, but using those random solo errands as a time to turn within can totally work. Think about what you want to manifest in your life. If you’re wanting more abundance, imagine being able to easily afford that fair trade coffee or organic dark chocolate you pass by. If you’re practicing compassion, watch the other shoppers and picture them happy and healed. If you’re seeking connection, practice looking at everything around you as made of the sparkling energy that created the cosmos. Use your imagination to expand mundane chores into an opportunity for deep wisdom to arise.

Share what you know. When my kids were 7 and 5 or so, they would often ask questions about my morning spiritual practice. I agreed to teach them to meditate. It’s hard for most kids that age to sit still, so we made fun little games as they learned. I took them on guided meditations to faerie lands, and we practiced gazing at a candle flame. They loved it – until they lost interest and moved on to other things. You can share what you’re learning with your children, assuming they’re interested, or with others in your life. Read an inspiring passage from a personal growth book to your partner, or mention to your Mom how you’re feeling more calm now that you’ve started a mindfulness practice. If they seem interested, expand the dialogue. Sharing your discoveries not only helps you connect with your loved ones, it encourages you to make more space in your life for the practices that light you up. Family time could be your meditation.

No matter how busy you are, there is always time to dream, to go within, to connect. It’s part of our nature as divine beings. You can find or create ways to open up more space in your life for spiritual connection. You’ll be glad you did.


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3 Remarkably Restorative Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations3 Remarkably Restorative Guided Meditations
by BlackLion

Some of the many benefits of meditation include being more centered, discovering a stronger connection to your inner self, and gaining clarity of purpose. Whether you do yoga, walking meditation, or guided meditations, your spiritual practice will yield you more when you choose to take the time for self-care.

Can you imagine a life where you’re continuously benefiting from your daily meditations?

Wouldn’t that be delicious? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, with work, family, and household priorities always showing up first? Finding and maintaining that balance is a challenge. We’re so glad you’re here! We at Feline Dreamers have created powerful guided meditations that will fit perfectly into your busy schedule.

Here are 3 remarkably restorative guided meditations that will give you the benefits of self-nurturing and self-care right away.

1. Drift to Sleep Guided Meditation

Just before you go to bed at night, let this calm and relaxing meditation guide you into slumber. What better way to let all your worries fade away, allowing you a smoother transition into sleep? Ahh, relax! Do not do this one in the car!

2. Nurturing Wellness (from Guided Meditations for Self-Care)

Sometimes you need relief from old tensions and to become more aware of yourself and your body. When you go deep into this guided meditation, you’ll feel more fully alive and connected to your true Well Being. Tap into your body’s natural restorative powers!

3. Mind (from Day 12 of the Alchemy of Core Beliefs)

Are you aware of all the thoughts you think each and every day? You have more than 20 every minute, and that’s not including your focus on the task at hand. Sink deeply into this guided meditation. You’ll find yourself in a safe place where you can really pay attention to what’s on your mind.

Looking for even more soothing and restorative meditations? Download our Guided Meditations for Self-Care right here!

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The Tightrope of Spiritual Balance


Tight-Rope Walker, Jean Louis Forain, c. 1885

The Tightrope of Spiritual Balance
by BlackLion

Every moment you face the choice you think you need to take and the one you feel you ought to take. More often than not, you worry more about the what-ifs and Plan B’s than the actual synergy of your experience in the present now. When you find your balance, the answers you seek are available in an instant. Trusting your inner guidance, wherever you might Source it, will keep your spiritual dance (aka living life) in balance.

Do you always seem to be precariously placed on a tightrope between love vs fear, or clarity vs doubt, or the weight of the past vs the burdens of the future? You may often feel that the inevitable “bad stuff” will surely show up if you ever, even fleetingly, taste a bit of the “good stuff.” Even more so, you may already be off-balance and ready to tip over into the great abyss of the unknown.

What if I told you, you were not alone?

Of course, you have all kinds of responsibilities, chores, and debts that you may never truly be able to repay except giving your all (and more). No one is immune to being here on the Earth as a flesh-and-blood vessel of consciousness. We are all in the same predicament. Yet, there is more meaning to this than you may notice at first glance.

Unknown, unacknowledged, or even ignored forces in the universe are at your beck and call — 24/7, 365 days a year (and yes even Leap days too!). These spiritual, often incorporeal, beings offer you just what you need, right when you need it. If only you were paying attention rather than worrying about last week’s meeting or the lack of sleep from too many 60-hour weeks in a row or the unreasonable stance of your persistent child in the face of “reason.”

So what can you do?

Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Just breathe!

Wow, what a relief that was. Depending on how off-balance you are right now, it may take several measured, slow and steady breaths to get you back to center. See what you did there? You regained balance simply by being your human self, taking in the constantly-needed oxygen for your body’s continued well-being. I know some people who’ve gone without food or water for days. Try that with good ole O-2 and your body will protest and knock your resistance out cold and let the natural rhythms of your amazing body return to balance once again.

So why in the world would you constantly resist your own self? Sure, your vessel may not be the same as Kim K. nor Tom Brady, but you have your own unique way of walking your life’s tightrope. Without being centered and balanced in who you are, your overreaching to be someone else compromises your balance but all is not forever lost. In fact, your non-physical compatriots are always there to remind you, guide you, and offer you what you need to regain your balance. And your body is but one of the physical heroes in your life too.

When you truly quiet your egoic mind, you will still sense a presence observing every one of those fleeting thoughts that tend to crowd for your present attention. Incorporating meditation, silent walking, or simply sitting in nature, will vastly decrease the distractions and will open up new levels of self-awareness and possibility.

Without all those limiting beliefs you have about yourself, you are free to stay in balance with your whole Self. Connecting to your highest ideals and passions along with the vital physical foci you have day-to-day will keep you well-balanced on the tightrope of life. Staying centered in the maelstrom of distraction can be challenging, yet your own personal self-care returns you back to center once again.

As an added bonus, what do you think the balance of life really is? Work vs Play? Right vs Wrong? Good vs Evil?

The real balance is Aware vs Unaware.

Are you currently aware of your vital needs in the moment? Do you know which direction you are going? Are you enjoying the ride? If not, why not?

By being centered and balanced with your spiritual self, you become the WHOLE YOU, not just an ego-driven facsimile. This is the balance you seek and when you sense it, feel it, become it more and more each passing day, you will see the universe bursting with love, joy, creativity and bounty.

When you recognize the abundance in your life right now, it will notice you noticing. Your beautiful dreams will give you winks and air kisses, at first, all the while finding the easiest least resistant path to your doorstep as soon as you’re ready. Time to let fly and become your full you. The universe needs you and wants you to succeed, even if you may think it is thwarting you. It really is redirecting you to what truly matters. Once you are in the vicinity of that place, your natural balance of love, joy, and wonder will be constantly available to you.

Look at you up there on the high-wire. What a show!

P.S. Your abundance was never really gone in the first place!